Mihai Slujitoru

Mihai Slujitoru


Driven by his passion to work with technology, Mihai leads Sideways8’s strategic vision, which helps move the needle for our clients. Creative, efficient, and detail-oriented, he accepts new challenges to continuously improve our productivity and expertise. His goal is to keep Sideways8 one step ahead of the curve.

Our Values.


When it comes to work, we start with a clear, realistic, and measurable objective. That means making sure that we have the tools, time, and the right people to achieve each goal.


We hold ourselves accountable for the things we commit to doing or delivering. We are diligent about deadlines and always aim for transparency and clarity of expectations.


We practice common courtesy, empathy, kindness, and respect. It is easy to fall into “best practice” mode and forget what actually matters: delivering an outstanding experience for our clients and all their customers. This commitment leads to a focus on user experience and accessibility for those with disabilities.


We are driven by curiosity to learn and always improve. This isn’t something that we have to be told. We are internally motivated because learning and improving bring us joy and fuel our creativity.